Vintage-Inspired Swimwear

Hello guys, I’m back and this time I'm here to talk to you about vintage style bathing suits. From one-pieces, to high-waisted, and even high-cut, these styles have become a staple in this summer’s swim attire. Let's be honest, these vintage style suits are the most flattering for all body types! Here are some of the best places to find these vintage-replica swimsuits.

Vintage Bathing Suits


If you are looking for something with more coverage, Zara has several options. Their website holds a wide variety of vibrant one-piece suits. These 60’s-influenced swimming attire come in a number of colors, patterns, and cuts. If you are like me and want to go for the more relaxed and subtle look, they also have some simple and sleek one-colored suits.

Onia x WeWoreWhat

Now, if you are looking to spend a little extra money, these TRULY vintage-inspired suits are for you! They honestly have the cutest high cut and high waisted bottoms. The designs are minimalistic and simply stunning, everyone will fall in love.


Listen, I’m balling on a budget so if you are too, here is where you should be looking. ASOS offers a wide selection. You may have to do a little more digging to find the hidden gems of vintage swimwear, but it will be worth the time. Not to mention, it is also an excuse to window shop a little longer.

Here are a few of our faves to get you started: one, two, three, four

Simply Be

I am a little bigger uptop and have a difficult time finding suits that fit my disproportionate body [laughs]. Well, if you are full figured this is where you should shop. They offer some amazing suits with the vintage flair of color blocking. This timeless trend has never went out of style. They offer a number of one and two-piece suits that will allow you to flaunt those curves.

Solid & Striped

(Hey it's Michelle} Just wanted to also mention one of my faves! Their one-pieces are seriously HOT! Super high-cut, minimal, and cute AF. Hello Baywatch! Okay carry on!

Now that you know they best places to shop those vintage-inspired suits, it's time to do some online browsing and get ready to spend your day at the beach!


Kayla Belovich