The Interview

The Interview


Hi guys, Kayla here! As the interviewee, dressing appropriately for an interview can be more stressful than the interview itself. How you represent yourself is the most important thing.

Before the interview, you should do research on the company and know the culture. Use that information to help choose your attire. If you think the company is more playful and casual think about wearing a nice pair of jeans (sorry, this means no holes) and a blazer. Do not be afraid to add some color into your outfit. If the company is more serious, you may want to break out the office attire. Now with that being said, stay away from black. Everyone wears black to an interview. You can keep it professional, while wearing tan or even another neutral.

Kayla's Interview Outfit

When I was applying to Basil, I knew that I wanted to wear something fashion forward and a statement piece that had a story behind it. I actually wore nice jeans a sweater and this amazing leather jacket. Michelle actually liked the jacket so much that she complimented it. I told her how I got and it was a great icebreaker. It made me feel more comfortable throughout the interview.  

Many people say that you should dress for the job you want. I feel that clothing should be expressive, meaning you should wear what you feel the best in. Make sure you should feel comfortable and confident in the clothing you wear. Trust me, every interviewer loves a confident candidate. The interview is your chance to brag about yourself and explain why they need you.



When I think about what to where for an interview, the phrase 'Dress to Impress' comes to mind. As the interviewer, I am looking mostly for personality. If someone was coming to work for Basil, I need to be able to see that they can style. Dressing yourself well for the interview is better than any portfolio you can show me. I want to see YOUR style. For other creative positions, it's obviously less important but it still shows great character that you put thought into your attire instead of digging out the suit that you only wear for interviews *eye roll*. 

The following are three looks that I pulled for different creative job scenarios. Each look can be used for either side of the table, whether you are interviewing or being interviewed. 


Casual Creative

Shop this lewk:  sweater tank ,  jeans ,  shoes  (bag is free with any purchase <3)

Shop this lewk: sweater tank, jeans, shoes (bag is free with any purchase <3)

Show your personality in little ways with fringe and pops of color, keeping the over all canvas minimal. This look is made not to overwhelm the other at the table, but to show that you aren't just the average applicant or employer.



Shop the lewk:  skirt ,  bag ,  shoes

Shop the lewk: skirt, bag, shoes

My personal choice. From a distance, it may seem like I went the safe route, but up close I'm covered in jazz. My top is fitted and has unique detailed buttons and cuffs. Paired with, not just any pencil skirt, but a leather one to show that you're chic to the core. Top it off with accessories that supply intrigue - earrings from your travels, a wicker bag, and sling backs that have a really good shape. This look is made to intimidate, so be careful when choosing this one. Suggested for curators, art buyers, and things of that nature ;).


High-End Creative

Shop the lewk:  top ,  pants ,  bag ,  shoes

Shop the lewk: top, pants, bag, shoes

This angelic look is when you need to arrive with a bang. If it's a fashion-forward position, competition is stiff. This look will leave a lasting impression. Avoiding patterns is good because you want the interviewer/interviewee to be paying attention to YOU and not get distracted. Light colors will really make you glow with effortlessness. Polish it off with that perfect little black bag and you're golden!

Good luck x

Michelle & Kayla