Wardrobe Essentials

Wardrobe Essentials

A blog post that is so typical, your brain may explode. But hey, I'm entitled to be a little basic sometimes amirite? I'll counteract the basic-ness of the topic with some not-so-basic styling okay??

Shop the lewk:  slip ,  blazer ,  shoes ,  purse ,  bangles

Shop the lewk: slip, blazer, shoes, purse, bangles

This first look really has all of my favorites in one. Obviously, I love a good slip dress. It's easy and always looks flattering. Always. The nature of the fabric is to cascade off your body so it clings to all the parts you want to highlight and stays away from your flaws, so I think that classifies it as a staple.

An oversize blazer is essential for a few looks - wearing it on it's own as a dress, dressing up some jeans, dressing down a slip dress, it really can do it all.

Of course, a good leather bag is always essential. And it's nice to have the clutch or shoulder option. So a convertible bag like this one is key. Especially since I love having transitional day-to-night pieces (read more about transitional outfits here!)

And lastly for this look, a kitten heel. As I mentioned in a previous blog post about what shoes to have, this would probably be my number one shoe. Simply because it goes with literally everything, no further explanation needed.

Shop the lewk:  jacket ,  tank ,  skirt ,  clutch ,  boots ,  earrings

Shop the lewk: jacket, tank, skirt, clutch, bootsearrings

I really love this look and mostly because of the color platte. I'm really into neutrals right now, but that's besides the point. A suede jacket is truly essential. It's another piece that you can easily dress up or down. It can always pull a look together. The shape gives structure to a soft outfit, so it pairs well with cotton fabrics.

Or this other essential, a mini skirt that goes with everything. I have paired this skirt with so many different tops that range in color and style and it has yet to fail me. It has a simple shape, sassy length, and subtle pinstripe that easily works with other patterns or colors.

Pointed toe boots like these snakeskin ones are great because they work for any season. They're super chic, but not over top, making them another easy transition piece. I love any thin boot that fits right to the shape of your leg, I just think that looks so good. I always feel that they must be really well made if they're like a second skin.

And lastly, a woven bag is quite essential. This clutch is perfect so I don't think need to explain.

That's all folks. xx

Michelle Montana