The Power of Denim



Many people underestimate the power of denim. Denim is more than your go-to pair of Levi’s. This material has the potential to make or break your outfit. There are many ways to style or even alter your denim to make it a statement piece.

Wearing denim is so thoughtless and easy that people have forgotten how one can use denim to emphasize their personal style. Change your perspective on denim. A denim jumpsuit, dress, or even a mini skirt can be enough of a statement to turn heads.

Shop kayla's lewk:  jeans

Shop kayla's lewk: jeans

If you're not looking to splurge and add more denim to your wardrobe, you can always alter that old denim jacket in your closet to make it more interesting. Cropping it or adding some fringe can revive that classic look. Have fun with it! A mistake could possibly lead to a happy accident, as Bob Ross would say.  

Now I know not everyone is the creative type and that is okay. This just means if you want to make a statement with your denim, that you should think about styling differently. For example, simply try draping your jacket over your shoulders for a change. It may not sound like much, but it is just that small difference that can really add more appeal to your outfit. 


I never buy new denim. That’s right. Never. I really don’t feel like I need a brand new pair of jeans when there are MILLIONS already out there that guaranteed fit me perfect. Not to mention the amount of vintage Levi’s for that low-low is insane.

It's really exciting for me as a creative to buy a pair of old jeans and think, "what can I do to vamp these up?!". I don't always alter my jeans, but having the option is nice. Plus, if I somehow ruin them, it isn't as painful on my pocket.

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Shop Michelle's lewk: jeans, tank

For me, denim is a really fun way to express myself. I especially feel really cool when I wear denim that I've made alterations to. The right pair can take an outfit from 'a t-shirt and jeans' to 'damnnnnnn mammiiii your outfit is freakin bomb!'.

As Kayla mentioned, wearing denim has become thoughtless... too thoughtless. It takes all of the fun out of your favorite pair! For a while, I considered styling with denim to be lazy just because of its accessibility! It goes with everything, so there's no challenge for me. (Believe it or not, I like for getting dressed to be a challenge or else I don't feel confident that my outfit is great). Considering denim as more than just a part of your "basics", can expand your approach and hopefully allow your wardrobe to blossom from 'okay' or 'OKAYYYYYYY'.


Other fun ways to denim: jumpsuit, dress, mini skirt, maxi skirt, shorts, red jeans


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