Summer Style - Day to Night

Going from day to night is not an easy task. When you live a busy life, there’s usually no running home to get ready for your evening plans. The easiest summer transitional piece from day to night is a slip dress. It’s cool, breezy, and can definitely be casual when paired right for day; At night, it’s slinky, sexy, and elegant without being over the top.


The Virgo

This look is perfect for the office. Llight colors keep it sweet and innocent, but the cut of the dress leaves room for intrigue. She may seem innocent, but just wait until you get to know her... Day time has a kitten heel, crochet bag and hair half back for an effortless look. The night time look is paired with a fun shoe and the crochet bag is ditched, leaving just the clutch for minimalism.


The Sagittarius

Coming in hot! This look has sex appeal all day long in a way that says, “You can look, but don’t touch”. Let your hair down after that long day at the library and get a glass of scotch for this refined and sexy woman! Just add a dark lip to make this look ready for night; Oh, and take off those specs!


The Gemini

I relate to this look all to well - confused, indecisive, but still cute as hell. Is she sporty? Is she spicy? Most likey both, plus a bunch of other things. The Gemini look is for those of us who need to keep it easy for ourselves; One outfit that can take you directly from day to night in order to stay on schedule.

Michelle Montana