Integrating Vintage Into Your Wardrobe

Integrating Vintage

Hey guys! I'm Kat DiBenedetto, a senior at the Kent State University Fashion School. My major is fashion merchandising with a minor in marketing. Enough of that boring stuff! My passion, of course, is fashion. Creating ways to show everyone who you are without using any words is a such a unique way of expressing yourself.

Vintage fashion is a lovely concept that is often forgotten about; Especially when the internet makes it extremely easy for anyone to open up their browser and instantly see products from any store. Although this concept of fast and easy fashion is, well, fast and easy, it is not the most ethical. There are many things wrong with the fast fashion industry, from the lack of pay for the factory workers who dedicate their lives to making the clothing we purchase, to how it is destroying the Earth in front of our very eyes. It is something that we all take part in daily. This is why vintage fashion is a blessing to the Earth. It is definitely easier said than done to completely commit your wardrobe to vintage, but can easily be incorporated into your every-day looks with a few key items. Help yourself and others to cut back on a bit of that scary world of fast fashion. It is just like having “Meatless Monday’s,” even the smallest amounts of change are still change.


A few of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe are either from Goodwill or vintage shops. One of my go-to pieces is a gorgeous vintage knit sweater that I purchased at Goodwill for a whopping $4.99. Yep, that’s right, $4.99. While the price was obviously on point, the sweater is worth way more than that attractive price tag. Beautifully made, with three quarter length sleeves, an adorable flute ruffle, and the neckline will have you living for the way your collarbone looks. I wear this sweater year-round either with shorts in the summer or layering in the fall and winter months. 


Jewelry is another hidden gem in the vintage world. Almost all of my necklaces have been purchased in consignment shops.  My favorite necklace is a gorgeous gold heart locket with an angel on the front and a delicate chain. This necklace matches any mood I am in and without it my outfits wouldn’t feel complete. Vintage shops have amazing jewelry opportunities. Always remember to check out the jewelry box before leaving your local vintage store.

Jeans are of course a big item in the vintage world. Everyone is forever on the search for that perfect pair of vintage 'mom jeans'. Luckily when you hit a good vintage shop, you will surely find quite a few pairs. Thrifting one good pair of jeans can make up for multiple pairs of poorly made jeans purchased from a department store; Not to mention you’re helping out the Earth a little bit more by this one choice.

^ Kat's Basil Picks:  dress ,  sweater tank ,  sunnies ,  clutch

^ Kat's Basil Picks: dress, sweater tank, sunnies, clutch

Vintage shopping is not easy, but it can be when you’re smart about it - just like everything in life. Replacing your most commonly purchased fast-fashion items with thrifted versions is a big change that we can and should make in our lives. Taking steps towards being more sustainable in your fashion choices is what will create a healthier fashion industry.

Kat DiBenedetto