Home Is Where Your Stuff Is

Introducing Basil Home! I am so excited to finally offer my second favorite thing after fashion - home decor. If anybody knows me personally, you know that I love my things. Looking at them, arranging them, and most of all using them! 


Over the years, I've collected so many beautiful vintage pieces for my home. Now that I've collected beyond my capacity, I've decided to share them with my wonderful Basil community! In this section, there will be anything that is easy to ship - small housewares that you can use in more ways than one.


The idea behind this new section, like my approach to apparel, is to provide different ways to use a standard item. Be prepared to open your mind to a wide variety of uses for something as simple as an ash tray... Or should I say ring dish, or candle votive?! Using pieces this way stirs a conversation. All your friends will say, "Wow you're so creative!", or "Can you decorate my home?". Then you'll throw your head back and laugh and say, "Are you familiar with an amazing website called Basil?"


The other not-so-obvious idea is something that I harp on constantly - sustainability. Shopping vintage decor is just one step closer to having a completely green home! Not to mention the fact that your home will be filled with one-of-kind pieces, as opposed to those friends who shop at stores that rhyme with small-wart and shmarget. Stand out from the crowd with a unique and quirky home that department stores are trying to replicate.


Honestly, who knew that picnics could be so elegant? Well, I did. Live a little! Enjoy your things, don't just put them on a shelf! If something breaks or gets ruined, at least you got to enjoy it. Collecting doesn't have to be all about sentiment. Bring your trinkets to the beach and have pieces of home wherever you go. Cheers to sustainable things and all the joy they bring!

Michelle Montana