The Edit

The Western

This edit is not to negate the SS18 collection, but to delve into American culture and the traditional-wear of this country. New Orleans was the focus for SS18. This is where the heart of jazz resides and is a huge part America's history. That being said, what else is quintessential American? The west. Currently having a huge presence in fashion with cowboy boots, we took this look to next level, highlighting the best of the west. So all we have to say to this is giddy up.

Fringe Jacket

The American Dream

Tradtionally, an American look involves suede, fringe, and denim. This outfit has it all. Making desert attire hot in more ways than one. Shop the look: Jacket, bra, skirt, boots.


Oh hey, Crochet

Making a come-back in so many ways. Bags, bras, and even pants are looking amazing as knits. We are loving' on grandma's handiwork. Shop the look: crochet vest, denim dress.

Suede Vest

Denim in Distress

No damsels here! Just your favorite summertime daisy-dukes to go with every look. Shop the look: suede vest, snake print top, shorts.

Pocket Shirt

Farmer's Daughter

Oversize everything. A pocket shirt and cut-out denim; ready to get down and dirty. Shop the look: shirt, jeans.

Michelle Montana