Hot Summer Must-Haves

Hello guys, this is Kayla Belovich, Basil’s new intern. I am here to give you some tips before you do your summer shopping! Here are the 7 hot summer must-haves. These items will cause you to make a statement, while staying on trend. Honestly though, what else can you ask for?


Just because it is beige doesn’t mean you still can’t be a bad a… well, you know where I was going. I have always struggled when it came to wearing anything but black attire; it is not as scary as it seems. If you’re not ready to stop wearing the black, think about choosing a neutral to use as your accent pieces. Make a statement and show off how awesome neutrals can truly be. Take my word for it, all of your trusted celebs and fashion icons will be rocking this look.

Small Sunglasses

Don’t get me wrong, I love my oversized sunglasses. But, maybe it's time to expand the collection and take it back to the 60’s with some smaller frames. This summer when your outfit needs an extra dose of glam, think about changing up your look with a pair of tiny eye-catching shades!

Shop these  sunnies

Shop these sunnies


Fringe has traveled through years of fashion. Starting with Ancient Mesopotamia (present-day Iraq), to the roaring 20’s, and up through the 60’s and now fringe is back and better than ever! Make sure your personality is shown through your clothing this summer. The next time you have a night on the town, show your fun and spunky side with some timeless fringe.


Tis the season for gingham. It is 2018 and checkered patterns are not checking out. From the runways and to the street styles, you are going to be seeing a number of people shaking things up with this pattern. Don't be intimidated! Just start out small and find one item that fits your fancy and use that as your statement piece. 

Shop checkered/gingham:  gingham trousers ,  yellow checkered skirt

Shop checkered/gingham: gingham trousers, yellow checkered skirt

Sweater tanks

To anyone who thinks that sweaters are just for the winter, think again! Don’t miss out on this must-have. A loose sweater tank is perfect to throw over your bathing suit, or even to wear when exploring the city. Plus, these tanks are a great way to bring the right texture to any outfit.

Shop sweater tanks:  grey ,  tan ruffle ,  olive green

Shop sweater tanks: grey, tan ruffleolive green


Because it is summer and the humidity is rising, don't pass up the fabric of this summer, linen! Stay timeless and effortless with this look. When I need to get ready in a snap, I grab my linen, tie my hair up in the perfect messy ponytail and run out the door. This is a great way to take your look from day to night. The lightweight fabric allows anyone to easily layer their clothes without regrets. You will never regret wearing linen on a sizzling hot summer day.

Shop this  dress

Shop this dress

Straw Bags

I personally get way too hot carrying around a black leather bag in the summer. A straw woven bag is perfect for this reason. To make the bag match any outfit tie a scarf around the handle. This will be the perfect way to make sure that the bag gets the attention it deserves. Whether headed to the beach or out on the town, this bag will lighten the load and make a statement with any outfit!

Shop straw bags:  straw tote ,  tan and red ,  cross-body

Shop straw bags: straw tote, tan and red, cross-body

These trends are all the rage in current street-wear. I LOVE these trends because I feel that anyone can pull them off, no matter how new to fashion you are.  I hope that you guys will find joy in these fun fashions too!

Kayla Belovich