Vintage Shopping: Tips & Tricks

Vintage Shopping

The Prep:

There are certain things you should wear when you are shopping. These tips are things that I find essential when shopping for any clothes, but are definitely most pertinent when going thrift/vintage shopping. Preparing with these few things will provide a versatility to any look you may try.

  1. Wear your favorite jeans. You want to wear something that already makes you feel confident. Confidence is key when you are shopping. If you look your best, you'll get the best idea if something looks good on you; which brings me to my next point.
  2. Do your hair and makeup! Or at least do your usual, whatever that may be. Shopping is not something that you should be wearing sweatpants and hair ties for. Look good, feel good and you'll have better luck.
  3. Wear nude underwear and an actual bra/the bra you wear the most. If you wear a bralette with everything, then yes, it makes sense to wear that. But this is really helpful, especially if you aren't a very visual person. If you try on a pair of white pants and you can see your black underwear, that doesn't mean that you would or would not be able to see nude underwear, but how would you know? It's best to err on the side of caution and just wear your nudies.
  4. Wear a belt! Sometimes certain pants just need a belt to fit you right or a dress may just need a little cinch at the waist. Vintage jeans, especially, need a little extra support. The waist may be the only thing stopping a pair of jeans from fitting you perfectly - so belt. 

The Fit:

When it comes to vintage clothing, sizes are not universal. You might think you know your size, but vintage almost always runs small. When I'm shopping for myself, I never look at the sizes. If you like it, try it on, even if it looks big. Sometimes vintage clothes look too big or small for various reasons - the fabrics may be thicker or there may be shoulder pads or perhaps the fabric may be stretchier than it looks. Trying it on is the only way to find out. Vintage clothes often have a higher quality fabric - when in doubt, try it on!

The Potential:

This one isn't easy. Being able to see the potential for change in a piece of clothing is hard! Most people have to see that a garment is already perfect in order to purchase it. It's important to keep an open mind when you're shopping. If you see a dress that you love, but it has little roses along the collar that you don't like - you can probably cut them off without there being any damage to the fabric. You have to decide what garments are worth it and what ones aren't - that is completely up to you, I can't map it out. If you think you can make one or two changes, do it.

The Men's Section:

It may seem obvious, but the men's section is definitely a goldmine. If you are looking for some oversize-fitting garments, this is the best section to shop. Denim, leather, or especially softball jackets are undoubtably found in the men's section. Most importantly, if you are looking for any sort of old mechanic-wear (coveralls, button-up shirts, etc.) - the men's section is your best bet. 

no pressure:

Shopping should be an enjoyable experience. Give yourself plenty of time and remember to have fun. And always, always, treat yourself with a pretzel. Or ice cream. Or whatever. Shopping should never be stressful. Consider it one of the many things you do to pamper yourself. And if you're like me and never leave your house, online shopping is fab too. Do your hair and makeup just to sit in bed with your favorite device and open up all those tabs because you deserve it!



Michelle Montana