The Edit: Winter 2018

Winter Edit

There are two concepts that I toyed with for these winter looks: masculine and feminine. I think it’s safe to say that I subconsciously choose a different era for each collection and run with it. For example, this past Autumn/Winter collection had a heavy 80s influence. Not lost in this edit is very much a masculine 80s vibe, but coming to the surface (for really the first time ever on the Basil stage) is the feminine flare of the 60s.


all about menswear - slouchy pantsuits, oversize blazers, and leather trenches draping over the feminine form.


bringing back classic looks from your favorite hollywood films and twiggy looks. Big accessories, tailor-fitted apparel, and my favorite - kitten heels.

winter edit 2.jpg

It seems that there is a pattern when I’m styling. I tend to find polar opposite trends and bring them together to hopefully create a really vibrant dynamic. Whenever I’m pulling looks, I only know it’s complete when I reach a place that I feel is balanced - if there’s edge, I make sure to soften it up; if it’s preppy, pair with sporty; modern with retro, etc. When mixing classic masculine structure with the epitome of femininity, you’re bound to have a little romance. It’s how I imagine Sally Draper grew up to dress like. It’s the 80s and big shoulders are all the rage. Don retired his suit-wearing days and Betty still has her amazing wardrobe - let’s just say that Sally hit the jack pot!

To give you a quick low-down of what you might find while perusing this mini-collection: Anything ‘oversized’ in these looks, is brought in with some sort of belt to highlight the waistline. Animal print is introduced tastefully. And what’s winter without cashmere?

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