Five Shoes for the Minimalist's Closet

I am by no means a minimalist, but if I had to be, these are the five shoes that I realized I could NOT function fashionably without. I'm not trying to tell you to limit yourself. By all means, if your dream closet is Mariah Carey's, then follow those dreams! For those of you out there trying to figure out what your shoe collection is missing, here is a good place to start.



#1: Black Ankle Boots

This is by far my go-to shoe. Almost every outfit I wear points to these shoes. They are classic, they go with everything, and even a simple pair can jazz-up a basic outfit. You can dress them up, dress them down, do whatever you want, but you need them in your wardrobe. It's a must! Here are some that I've been lusting after: low-end , mid-range, dying on the inside because these and these aren't mine.

Black Boots

#2: Kitten Heel

In this category, I mean any close-toe or close-heel shoe with a small heel. With the shoe, you are granted the feeling of I-Can-Do-Everything-Myself-I'm-a-Woman. Having a pair of kitten heels is ideal for work-to-play, running errands, getting lunch - the on-the-go and classy shoe. They look good with everything from denim to track pants to dresses. There is no stopping the woman in these shoes! I really love these, these, and these.

Kitten Heels

#3: Sling Backs

These shoes definitely tend to overlap with kitten heels. But both are necessary! Slingback's can be a little more fun and playful. They can also be less professional and more casual. But I insist on dressing up my grunge shoes and dressing down fancies. I love shoes that I can wear with jeans or a dress - slingbacks are always that shoe. I want all of these, oops: low-end, mid-rangemid-range, mid-highhigh-end, and highest-end

Sling Backs

#4: Mules

These are easy-going shoes. I love slipping into some mules when I'm running out the door. Mules have this great ability to make pajamas look chic af. So for those days when you're running incredibly late, just make it a whole look. Keep your pajamas on and just worry about making sure that you can get some highlight on your face. Love these, these, and these.


#5: Tennis Shoes

A good pair of tennis shoes can really change your life. Especially if you are traveling. A sharp pair of tennis shoes allows you to wear anything while being on your feet all day. Flouncy dresses, mini skirts, or crisp trousers can all remain feminine while a little extra comfort and quirk is added. Here are some styles that I like: classic, quirky, jazzy, and I'm jealous if you can buy these.

Tennis Shoes

I hope this was as helpful to your shoe closet as it was unhelpful to my credit cards. Happy shopping!

Michelle Montana