Bring On the Heat

'Tis the season where the weather can seriously effect your style. Keeping warm is crucial, but 'fashion over function' is something I live by. Here are some tips that can help you achieve BOTH when dressing for weather.

Dress it up: Puffer, leather, baseball jacket

It can be really difficult to find the right jacket for a dressy evening. Depending on the event itself, the location, the weather... Sometimes, the right way to warm up isn't always what you would think.

Shop:  dress ,  purse ,  shoes

Shop: dress, purse, shoes

Being big and puffy is luckily back in vogue, but I especially love to wear my puffer for the evening. Think about it - it's colder when the sun goes down, but it's also the time when (let's be honest) we want to wear less clothes. This combination has easily become my favorite since it conveniently caters to both fashion and function.

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Shop: pants

There is nothing I love more than a monochromatic outfit, especially when it's entirely form-fitting. Choosing one color for your outfit is flattering on all body types and the fluidity of the outfit can give the illusion of height/length. This sexy 'fit is brought down to earth when paired with my boyfriend's leather jacket. Not only is it warm, but the oversize balances out the form-fitting pants and bodysuit, while also informing the crowd that this provocative lady is happily taken ;) Win. Win. Win.

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Shop: jacket, bag Shop similar: jumpsuit

A baseball jacket (or any graphic bomber) like this is easy to dress up due to its shiny satin material and elaborate designs. Playing off that sparkle can make it a full-fledged glam look. I paired a black, mock-turtle jumpsuit with over-the-knee boots to accentuate my legs. Matching any cropped jacket with these only heightens their effect. The pop of color is a total catch ;)

Dress it down: Fur, blazers, trench/overcoat

Hoodies, joggers, jeans, boots, trainers, and t-shirts are all great items to pair with these jackets to make for a more laid-back look. Somehow, in my humble opinion, combing upscale with casual is chis af. 

Blazers give hoodies the structure that they need to actually be worthy of wearing out in public, while hoodies give blazers the warmth to wear in colder weather. This combo is perfect for running errands/throwing something comfortable together in a hurry.

Shop:  tank  Shop similar:  faux ,  vintage fur

Shop: tank Shop similar: faux, vintage fur

This outfit is a little bit more lunch appropriate, while adding an IDGAF attitude to your faux. Feeling like your wearing a blanket and like a million bucks in one package? Oh hell yeah! Pairing fur with tennis shoes/any laid back outfit, brings the jacket down to earth and can allow for more opportunities to wear it when you aren't getting' fancy! Who likes to follow rules anyways?


And now, possibly my favorite jacket to dress down - the overcoat. This is the ultimate lunch with your bestie, late for whatever, running errands, look. It effortlessly elevates joggers or trainers to a new level and can create a more unique sense of style. If it were up to me, I would wear my adidas everyday. This jacket allows me to do so, while still feeling put-together.

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