THE IMPORTANCE OF PANTS... or any bottoms really and why you should have a plethora:

Of course, there is nothing wrong with denim/jeans and they are definitely a staple wardrobe item, BUT people forget that there are so many other styles of pants! Styling became so much more fun for me when I started investing in different trousers and I feel as though it took my personal wardrobe to the next level. 

When you think about what pants are - the base of an outfit - you should treat them that way. Try this styling exercise: begin by picking out your trousers and build around it. I find that when i begin this way, each outfit I create falls into place effortlessly. Of course, every outfit’s “case” is different, but when you’re having a styling mental block, this is a great technique for putting something together that will make a lasting impact. A compliment will easily go from "nice top" or "great shoes" to "I love your outfit."

Brown Velvet Cigarette Pants
Photo by Alex Saabo

Here I started with this great pair of brown velvet cigarette pants, added the chain and then went for a simple mock turtle, tan fishnet socks, and pink satin open-toe slides. In this instance, the pants are clearly the statement and the shoes definitely add some fun flair.

Silk Trousers

Silk trousers! The material is so flattering and comfortable. I feel like I'm wearing pajamas, while remaining put-together. Add some statement boots and your favorite belt to really highlight your bottom half ;)

Colored Trousers

Color! These kelly green trousers are the perfect pop of color and transition seamlessly from work to play. for this outfit, I cut an old turtleneck to create a sexy and slouchy look to balance out the business aspect of the pants. 

Wide leg pants

Wide leg! This is one of my favorite outfits. The idea is to not be afraid to wear a blouse with an equally as radiant pair of pants. This combo creates on hell-of-a statement. But these pants dress up any outfit, even t-shirts. They're perfect for when you need to dress up but really don’t feel like it. 

Wishing you all inspiration to invest in some boss-ass pants to go with your boss-ass personality.



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