Hey Basil Babe,

It is with great pleasure that I present this collection to you. Many sleepless nights went into the preparation of my second Spring/Summer launch and finally, we have a product that is unique and that I am proud to say is a huge step in the direction that I hope Basil is headed.

When choosing these garments, I was curating something very specific. My goal was to capture the essence of New Orleans. More importantly, I wanted these pieces to be one of a kind AND coincide with current runway trends. A lot of reconstructing went into these garments. I have not had formal training in sewing, but half of the collection was gathered by needle and thread. Since I was young, I have always been a maker. As a tween, I was always adding lace trim to my jeans or making pillows for my stuffed animals. That being said, it only seems fit to keep this DIY mentality active and share it with those that appreciate fashion as an art-form (a.k.a. you all).

When you look at this season of Basil, I hope you see remnants of top designers. I was very careful to select each item to prove that shopping vintage does not have to always look or even feel vintage. Being in style is always the goal of the fashion enthusiast and quality should never be sacrificed for dime. The runway is a place that embraces inspired looks; often, designers replicate/revamp vintage designs. I tried to achieve this while focusing on sustainability/using vintage fabrics and garments to create something new.

Basil is my creative outlet and my passion. I'm so lucky to have both. Thank you all for supporting my dream. I truly hope that you appreciate this collection, it is easily the one that I am most proud. 





P.S. A very special thank you to Shelby Ursu for helping me coordinate the campaign shoot in New Orleans. You are truly an angel and I could not have done it without you! Also, thank you to Caroline Zemp and Sarah Hangartner for donating your time to model. All three of you really made this collection come alive in a very special way. And of course, thank you to my incredibly helpful, generous, and thoughtful boyfriend, Harry DuVall. You kept me motivated and did an amazing job creating the music for the campaign video (above). Overall, you've been so helpful through this entire process. Basil would not be nearly as successful if I didn't have you and your patience, so thank you.